lunes, marzo 31, 2008

The Melody Lingers

Mark Keller

Texture Blues

Andrew Judd

Solo Horn

Kenneth Humprey

Notes of Tradition

Michael Maczuga


Mathew Withney

Sax Duet

Berge Missakian

Jazz on my Mind

Rick Bond

Playing Late Night

Kazuo Ooka

Quartet Player

Deborah Hoover


Kenneth Humprey

Pianist and Orthodox Candle

Peter Sprigg

Young Violinist of Alsace

Michael Maczuga

Metro Sortie

Mark Keller

Musique au Village

Solange Falaedeau

Play me a Memory

Skeet Sirmons

Musique de Chambre

Rene Lemay

New Orleans Revelers

Kennith Humprey


Alvaro Castagnet

The Performing Goat

Mathew Withney