lunes, julio 02, 2007

Ethnic Violin

Osvaldo Guayasamin

The Guitar Player

Candice Alexander

The Music Lesson

Joseph DeCamp

Geometric Jazz

Amy Giust

Die Guitarrespielerin

Georges Croegraert

The Guitar Player

Mario Carreño

Weeping Cuatro

Soraida Martínez

The Cello Player

Frank Bare

Unexpected Duet

Henry C. Muse

Street Musicians

Lesley Charnock

La Femme en Rouge

Giovanni Boldini


Amy Giust


Michail Ivanovich menkov

Cello Player

Gil Marosi

The Lost Chord

Stephen Lewin

Piano Man

Soraida Mártinez

Musician Violin Player

Barry Jackson

Cello Player

Michael Kmit