viernes, noviembre 02, 2007

Music Players

Conchita Conigliano

Gift from my Father

Liu Gaofeng


Arthur Markowicz

Gallery Song Recital

James Weeks


Gulcan Karadag

City of Music

Marcus Antonius Jansen

Guitar Player

Olaf Palm

Composition au Violon

Alice Halicka

Au Concert

Jean Claude Gaugy

Flute Player

Reuven Rubin

Keep me in your Heart Awhile

Jerome Witkin

Girl with Violin

Radish Tordia


Omram Younes


Guy Toubon

The Guitar

Echo Eggebrecht

Relaxation by the Music

Wilhelm Gdanietz

Cafe Standing Guitarist

Harry Carmean

The Musicians

Aleksandra Belcova

B Sharp C Flat

Robin Beers

Still Life of Books and musical Instruments

Jan Vermeulen


Margaret Mayer

Subway Violinist

Paul Kentz

The Musician's Life

Liu Gaofeng

The Klesmer Musicians


The Trio

Anthony Montanino

The Guitar Player

Antonia de Bañuelos y Thorndike