sábado, julio 07, 2007

Improvisation Two

Richard Garrison

Guitar Player

Sandra Bierman

Transparent Piano in Central Park at Midnight

Peter Stilton

The Violin Player

Richard Baumgart

The Flute

Irving Amen

The Saxophone

Jia Tian Shi

Accordion Player and Friends

Hugh Sean O'Rourke

The Fiddle Player

Stephen Bennett

Practice Time

Michael Bridges

Leather Pouch with Trumpet

Sun Jun

The Blind Musicians

John Singer Sargent


Amy Giust

The Mauve Violinist

Nguyen Thanh Binh

Concerto in The Studio

Moshe Rosenthalis

Young Flute Player

Hugh Sean O'Rourke

The Violin Player

Jane Haslem


Paul Ambille

French Horn

Jia Tian Shi

The Piano Player

Michele Hausman

Black Piano

George Xiong

Mexican Musicians

Judy Bagshaw