lunes, julio 23, 2007

Pierrot and Wooden Toucan

Jack Morrocco

The Music Room

Christine Angell


Diana Sule

Moving Music

Heather Soutar

Piano de Gala

Diego Manuel

Casablanca Lilies and Lute

Jack Morrocco

Sea Serenade

Heather Soutar

Man in Black with Guitar

Jonathan Hood


Gordon Mitchell

Gap Year

Heather Soutar

Muchacha al Piano

Paul Cezanne

La Guitarra

Juan Gris


George Gilbert

At Blow Two Birds

Heather Soutar

Still Life with Dove

Nael Hanna

Flute Girl

George Pali

The Musician

Ian McWhinnie

You and Me

Nguyen Minh-Huong

Duet for Strings

George Gilbert

The Guitar Player

Antonia de Bañuelos y Thorndike