domingo, noviembre 11, 2007

Trumpet Solo

James Kerr

Jazz Men

Bryce Brown

A Trombone and a Bass

Alexei Lantsev

He tasted the salt on her.....

Monika Welch

One Man Band

Vladimir Tarasenko

Musicians from City of Dream

Otar Imerlishvili

In the Music Room

Kenneth Hayes Miller

Coffeehouse Show

Olga Kost

Lady with a Guitar

Marguerite Stuber Pearson

Tirza at the Piano

Frank Leenhouts

Carnival Duet II

Andrey Shwidkiy

Candlelight Quartet

Marcel Dyf

The Accordion Player

Arne Westerman


Arkadi Petrosyan

The Violin

Willem Paerels

The Guitar Player

Antonia de Bañuelos y Thorndike