sábado, julio 21, 2007

Guitare Music

George Pali

Barefoot Recital

Harrison Rucker


Vladimir Pervuninsky

The Guitarist

Barbara Naleszkiewicz

Miss Murrays Day Out

Gordon K. Mitchell

Jazzin' it Up

Kelvin Henderson

Guitar Player

Jorge Porras

At The Piano

Louis Abbema

The Sound of the Flute

Josette de Roussy

The Harpsichord Lesson

Jan Havicksz Steen

Petites Musiques

Theo Tobiasse

The Piano Man

George Pali

The Siren Song

Jean-Paul Avisse

The Trumpet Lesson

Bob Brown

The Violin Player

Marcellin Gilbert Desboutin

Don't Play my Song

Arnaldo Roche Rabell

Love of Music

Melia Dawn Newman

Only a Paper Moon

Christine McArthur

In a Trance

Gary A. Ruhinen

Music in the Air

Dina Shubin

All That Jazz

Lelo Colclough


Viktor T. Sapko

Evening Music

Fritz Karl Hermann von Uhde