martes, marzo 27, 2007

Taos Drum

Chuck Sabatino

Silent Serenade

Jill Flannery

Naturaleza Muerta con Violin

Jean Baptiste Oudry


Nikolai Rimsky

Musical Moment III

Sylvia Vassileva

Time to Play

Janet Blumenthal


Theo Schildkamp

Lyrical Drums

Jerry Lanham


Carol Rowan

La Musica II


Guitar Still life

Wendy Chazin

Before Rehearsal

Lili Maglione

Beige Guitar

Jacqueline Mair

The Lyrical and the Dramatic Muse from the King Lu

Friedrich Christoph Nilson

Music Hour in the Rococo Period

Federigo Andreotti

The Guitar Player

Antonia de Bañuelos y Thorndike