miércoles, febrero 28, 2007

Young Pianist

Peder Ilsted


Mario Carreño

Music to My Soul

D. Ike

Musicians II

Fernando Botero


Andree Vezina

Family Concert

F. Douais

Chapeau Blue

Sonia Garson

Et le Soir Venu

Minh-Houng Nguyen

Flotenkonzert-The Flutist

Adolph von Menzel

jueves, febrero 22, 2007

The Sweet Siesta of a Summer Day

John William Godward

The Spanish Singer at the Guitar Player

Edouard Manet

The Concert

James Tissot

Sweet Sounds

John William Godward


Jean Leon Gerome

The Lute Player

Orazio Gentileschi

Mandolina y Flores

Paul Gauguin


Alexandre Cabanel

Guitar Lesson

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Elizabeth at the Piano

Thomas Eakins

miércoles, febrero 21, 2007


Marsha Hammel

Music hat no Charms

John George Brown

Song for a Lady

Robert Duval

Young Girls at the Piano

Pierre Auguste Renoir

The Music Lesson

Jean Honore Fragonard

The Improvised Concert

Louis Leopold Boilly

The Concert

Nicolas Tournier


Pablo Picasso


Rossina Wachtmeister

Le Violoncelle

Dominique Guillemard


Joseph Holston

Night of Blues

Tat Vila

Strings in the Night

Joseph Holston


Roland Bremand

A Young Lady Seated at a Virginal

Jan Vermeer

The Concert Singer and Theorbo Player

Gerard Borch

Piano y Guitarra

Marsha Hammel

Monsieur Levette et Mademoiselle Helene Glavany

Jean Ettienne Liotard

Donna in Blue

Tamara de Lempicka

lunes, febrero 19, 2007

Naturaleza Muerta con Instrumentos Musicales

Pierre Nicolas Huilliot


Dirck Hals


Jean Antoine Watteau


Henri Matisse

Molto Allegro

Rossina Wachtmeister

Spanish Musicians

Emile Bernard


Hans Baldung Grien

Musica y Literatura

William Michael Harnett

Wailing in the Sax

Alfred Gockel

Piano para Dos

Rossina Wachtmeister