jueves, julio 12, 2007

Swept Away

Roman Zuzuk

Silent Note

Dong-Wen Jie


Eng Tang

Violin and Roses

Richard Weers

Astor en El Tiempo y El Espacio

Alicia Toscano
(Homenaje a Piazzolla)

To Her Listening Ear Responsive Chords of Music

Edwin Longsden

The Music Lesson

Jean Carolus

Joy for Morning

Rafael Sagage

A Musical Still Life

Charles Antoine Loyeux

Alma de Bandoneon

Alicia Toscano


Tamara de Lempicka

The Muse of Music

Karl Ludwig Ehrhardt

The Musical Trio

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel

The Old Musician

Domenico Induno

The Music Lesson

Charles West Cope

Musicianne Italienne

Pierre Paul Glaize


Henry Holiday

Jazz Musicians

William Carter

Vanitas Still Life with musical Instruments

Cornelis de Heem