martes, julio 31, 2007

The Piano Lesson

Nguyen Dinh Dang

Red Femine Violinist

Lin Zhibing

I'm in G

Sekti Artanegara

3 Guitars Girls

Vitalie Palmar

At the Piano

Jessie Krausse

Jam Session

Sekti Artanegara

The Piano

Berthe Morisot

Guitar Player

Nelson Young

Three Musicians

Tom Tyler


Sara Nadeau

The Musicians

Jan Baptist Lodewick Maes

Young Girl at the Piano

Armand Guillaumin

Still Life with Guitar

Janos Kmetty

The Violinist

Theo van Rysselberghe

Piano Man

Nakamura Takio

Guitar Player

Tom Tyler

The Kreutzer Sonata aka Violinist

Joseph Decamp

The Flutiste

Diane Eugster

Piano Blanco

Diego Manuel

La Giovane Chitarrista

Paulo Ghiglia

Still Life with Lamp and Violin

Dezso Kormiss

Saxo Jazz

Philippe Amagat

Piano in Black and Blue

Jim Williams


Vilmos Aba Novak

Guitar Player

Gevorg Avagyan

Three Amateur Musicians

Honore Daumier

Monk with a Cello

Jean Baptiste Corot


Alan Miot

Guitar Player 2 Windows

David Bradford

Natura morta con Cello

Alfredo MÜller

Harp of Love

Michael McCrinck

Violin Seduction


Harp Remains

Muayad Muhsin

Lady at the Piano

Felix Valloton

Guitar Player

Keith Perkins

lunes, julio 30, 2007

Woman Playing the Cello

Robert Bereny


Sara Nadeau

Live Music

Lena Karpensky

La Retraite d'un Violon et deux Pianos

Michel Vermeulen

Woman with a Lute

Irving Amen

Cello Man


Mag-Ina on the Piano

Noel Pocot

Les Joueurs de Jazz

Philippe Amagat

Tyrolean Musician

Peter Kraemer

Violin on the table and Brahms

Jim Williams

Jazz en Morceaux

Michel Vermeulen


Lena Karpensky

A Girl at the Piano

Petr Kozlovsky

New Moon Rising



Li Feng