jueves, julio 05, 2007

Quartet Evening

Susannah Fiennes


Guy Toubon

Nu á la Guitare


Musical Trio

John B. Vallely


Mané Katz


Radish Tordia

Jennifer in White

Zhao Kailin

Music Players

Conchita Conigliano

Quartet Blue

Susannah Fiennes

Nature Morte á la Guitar

Alice Halicka

Music From Cloud Nine

Benny Andrews

Music Hath Charms

Louis Lassalle

From The Top

Amy Giust


Juan Carlos Ospina


Patricia Espir


Ikahl Beckford

Violinist, White Cuffs

Susannah Fiennes

Mujer con Guitarra

Rodolfo Morales

Man Playing Guitar

Fernando Botero

At The Piano

Moshe Rosenthalis

String Sonata

José Ventura

The Piano Lesson

Gustave Caillebotte

Keep Me in Your Heart Awhile

Jerome Witkin

Grand Jazz Bleu et Blanc

Guy Toubon

Sound of Music

Moshe Rosenthalis

In The Music Room

Kenneth Hayesmiller

Violinist in Spotlight

Susannah Fiennes

The Cellist

Zhao Kailin

Figure Study Playing Guitar

H. Malott

The Cello Player

Karen Armitage

The Musicians

Amy Giust

Eine Elegante Musizierende Gessellchaft

Francois Xavier Henri Verbeeck

Chamber Music

Quita Brodhead

Flute Player

Reuven Rubin

New Song

Amy Giust

The Duo

Moshe Rosenthalis

Ethnic Classic Guitar

Osvaldo Guayasamin

B-Sharp C-Flat

Robin Beers

Three Ladies Making Music

Benjamin West

Cante Jondo

Louis Kronberg

The Flautist

José Ventura

Violin Music

Radish Tordia

Woman whit Mandolin

Marie Laurencin

Woman At Piano

Amy Giust

Blue Note

Susannah Fiennes

Au Concert

Jean Claude Gaugy

At The Piano

Theodore Robinson

Musical Interlude

Delapoer Downing

The Violin Nº 4

Andrzej Filipowicz


José Ventura

The Guitar Player

Antonia de Bañuelos y Thorndike